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Garlic and more

Kitchen musthaves

Handy set of kitchen tools

Preparing your ingredients. Easypeasy

These musthaves for easy preparation of garlic, herbs, ginger, and even nuts should not be missing in your kitchen!

Roll it, Twist it, Crush it! 


On a Roll!

Peeling garlic a tedious job? No longer with this garlic roller! Just roll it back and forth firmly, and the peel will easily come off. Cleaning garlic has never been this easy!

Do the twist!

This herb cutter is ideal for crunching garlic and other spices, such as ginger, as well as nuts such as walnuts and pistachios.

In a snap!

A little bit of magic!

After all the cooking, there are undoubtedly lingering odors on your hands. Easily wash your hands with this magical soap (in the same way as with a regular bar of soap), and the odors vanish like magic!

Strong and durable materials

The magic soap is stainless steel, the herb cutter is sturdy plastic and the garlic roller is silicone. Super strong and durable because you will enjoy it for years!

The cooking utensils are manufactured from safe food-contact materials. FDA / CE approved food-grade materials that won’t chemically react with acidic or hot food.

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