Must have kitchen accessories

These tools for easily preparing garlic, herbs, ginger and nuts should not be missing in your kitchen!

See the video how to use the tools.

Roll it, Twist it, Crush it!

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Garlic peeler

On a Roll!

Do you also find peeling garlic to be such an annoying task? Not any more with this silicone garlic peeler! No fiddling to get the skin off your garlic cloves if you roll them back and forth in the round garlic peeler. Peeling garlic has never been so easy!


Do the twist!

With the round garlic chopper, you chop your garlic into small pieces. As little as you like. Did you know that when you chop garlic into small pieces or slices, the taste becomes milder? The more you crush, the stronger the flavor becomes.

The twisterhas sturdy cutting teeth and can also be used as a mincer for other herbs, such as ginger. And you can even grind walnuts effectively. o it a few times and you’ll get the hang of it. In a snap!

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Magic soap

A little bit of magic!

And after cooking, it’s time to do the dishes.. Easy peasy, because the garlic peeler and the twister are dishwasher safe.

Yes, don’t forget to wash your hands too! Because after all the cooking, there will undoubtedly be some lingering smells on your hands. With the metal soap, those odors disappear like magic!

How to wash hands with a stainless steel soap?

By rubbing your hands over the soap under running (lukewarm) water for about half a minute, as if you’re washing your hands with a regular bar of soap. Magic! You’re ready to go fresh again.

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