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Smart and sophisticated

Our solution for around the kitchen

Dutch design

The stainless steel Tube by Sillies is stylish and multifunctional

All your kitchen utensils at your fingertips

A true eye-catcher on your countertop! Stainless steel spoon pot and spoon holder as well as six premium quality silicone spoons and spatulas. Stylish storage, and flip the lid for the perfect spoon holder!


All your kitchen utensils at your fingertips! And with the lid on top, you’ll keep your utensils dust and grease free.

Grab the lid of the Tube, flip it over and there’s the spoon holder for your spoons and spatulas while cooking!

Includes premium quality silicone utensils: kitchen tongs, turner, spoonula, spatula, spoon and spaghetti spoon. In gift box!

Strong and durable materials

The storage tube is made of stainless steel, super strong and durable because you will enjoy it for years!

And so is the spoon holder – the top of the storage tube! Flip it over and you have a spoon holder that stands firmly on your countertop because of the weighty stainless steel material. Place or put your silicone spoons and spatulas in the holder while cooking. With the Tube, you have all-in-one!

The cooking utensils are manufactured from safe food-contact materials. FDA / CE approved food-grade materials that won’t chemically react with acidic or hot food.

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Spoons and spatulas

Ideal for daily use. Flexible and strong. Made from premium quality silicone (sturdy and durable), hygienic (one piece cut mold. No areas for bacteria to hide and multiply), high heat resistance, non-sticky, non-scratchextend the life of your scratch-sensitive pans Dishwasher safe AND they stay beautiful!

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Will the Tube be shining in your kitchen soon? Or looking for a great cooking gift for the holidays, Christmas, or housewarming? Must-haves for every kitchen!

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