Luxury set kitchenware

Dutch design

Stylish storage, the perfect spoon holder, scratch-free cooking and dust- and grease-free cooking utensils

Created with an eye for style, functionality and convenience

Looking for something smart and sophisticated? We created this for you! Stylish storage, space-saving and includes essential items for cooking! Everything within reach.

You love a tidy kitchen? Do you like to have your utensils at hand without fumbling around in kitchen drawers? Tired of all those loose items on your kitchen counter top, getting dusty and greasy? And you don’t actually use half of the spatulas (and you then find yourself washing them as well as the non-dishwasher safe spoons)? Done with scratching your pans?

Then here’s the solution! It’s New. It’s Different. It’s Tube.

The solution for your kitchen

The smart multifunctional and stylish design gives you all the kitchenware you need – in just one product! A luxurious stainless steel organizer and spoon holder in one (flip the lid!), including 6 favourite spoons and spatulas. Everything within reach! Valuable to any kitchen.


A luxurious look in every kitchen. And keeps your spoons and spatulas free of dust and grease.

In shopping bag

Flip the lid and voila! A sturdy spoon holder for use while cooking.

In shopping bag

Includes kitchen tongs, baking spatula, spoonula, spaghetti spoon, scraper and spoon.

In shopping bag

Strong and durable materials

The utensil holder is premium quality stainless steel, the spoons and spatulas are premium quality and food safe silicone. So you can start cooking and baking safely and scratch-free right away! They are strong, hygienic – no room for bacteria – heat resistant, perfect for use in non-stick pans, dishwasher safe AND they stay beautiful!

Ideal for everyday use.

The cooking utensils are manufactured from safe food-contact materials. FDA / CE approved food-grade materials that won’t chemically react with acidic or hot food.


The Art of a Minimalistic Style

By combining simplicity and beautiful items, you create a timeless, subtle look. So when you are ready to organize and boost your kitchen, style your kitchen with the Tube!

Cook in style: eye-catching design that brings your worktop to the next level.


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