Complete eggs set

Egg holder, egg cups and egg spoons.

  • With the Sillies egg boiler, no chance of your eggs breaking while cooking!
  • The egg spoons have a nice curve and slight bulge, making them enjoyable to eat your eggs with.
  • The matching egg cups are designed to perfectly fit the egg cooker. Great for storage!

Enjoy your delicious boiled eggs!

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Eggs - Eierset ei koken eierkoker eierdopjes groen cadeau pasen

Boil a tasty egg the easy way!

Boiling an egg in water, but for how long exactly to get your perfect egg?

Whether you like your eggs soft-boiled, hard-boiled, or somewhere in between, it seems so easy. But with different sizes of eggs – from small to large – and whether you store them at room temperature or in the fridge, it’s not that easy after all.

Read here how and why you can best boil your eggs with Sillies.

Eggs - Eierset ei koken eierkoker eierdopjes eierlepeltjes

Available in various colors

Sillies Eggs has everything you need: 4 egg cups, 4 egg spoons, and egg holder.

Made of high-quality materials, dishwasher safe, and remains beautiful!

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