Stylish eggs set


Egg holder, egg cups and egg spoons.

Created with an eye on functionality and convenience

Easily take your eggs in and out boiling water and plunge them into cold water. Eggs that no longer crack during cooking. And strong egg cups and spoons. All-in-One!

Cooking and eating

This Eggs set is a stylish all-you-need-to-boil-and-eat your eggs kitchen tool. It’s different. All in one and done. Plus, it’s easy to clean. The Sillies touch.


1 Egg holder – cook eggs (4)
4 Egg cups – serve eggs in matching cups
4 Egg spoons – eat eggs

In shopping bag

The egg holder keeps your eggs from cracking while cooking. Also useful for shelling, storing and serving eggs.

In shopping bag

Easy to clean in the dishwasher and no water left in the egg cups. Stylish storage: the cups perfectly fit into the egg holder.

In shopping bag

Strong and durable materials

The egg holder is silicone, the egg cups are polypropylene and the egg spoons are stainless steel. Super strong and durable top quality materials – and all dishwasher safe!

The cooking utensils are manufactured from safe food-contact materials. FDA / CE approved food-grade materials that won’t chemically react with acidic or hot food.


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