Our Story

The Sillies® family

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The Kitchen

The heart of our home, not only for cooking but above all a place of coziness.

We are down-to-earth Dutchies. With our own sense of style and eye for detail. A passion for great food, accompanied by a drink. Shared with friends and family. Having a good time. That’s us!

Why Sillies®

At home, in the kitchen. Chatting about our day, our work, our kids. The kitchen is more than a place of cooking. The kitchen is where we sit, eat and drink, talk, work and entertain friends. From early morning until late at night. A place to cook, hang out with friends. And that’s wonderful when your kitchen is an organized, relaxing place to be.

That’s how Sillies started. We want to make kitchen tools that little bit more stylish and convenient.

Over ons - borrelen

How it all began

The kitchen – our favourite place at home

We always had too many loose items on the countertop. A jar with a quantity of spatulas of different materials, dishwasher safe and not. Looks cozy though, but it got greasy and dusty and we didn’t always use everything either. So, too often we were washing unused or wooden items🙈 And then there also was a separate spoon holder that took up extra space. We were actually missing something that had everything: convenience, tidy, stylish, nice quality, all in one.

I looked around, saw possibilities, started working that out, trying it out and sharing it with others.

Voilà! The brand Sillies® (Dutch) started with the luxurious “Tube”, created in our own home kitchen. Created from a need for smart and stylish kitchen utensils. A need born out of a lack.

Our smart and sophisticated solutions for around the kitchen

Sillies® is surprising, stylish and convenient all in one. Making everyday kitchen life a litte bit more convenient. More time for family and friends.

We hope you love Sillies as much as we do, and we would love you to share your Sillies experiences with us.

The name Sillies®

Where does the name Sillies® come from? It comes from silicone. Silicone material is safe (tested of course, all our products are CE /FDA approved), hard-wearing, flexible and dishwasher safe. And the material stays beautiful!

By combining with other strong materials, such as stainless steel, we create products that are durable in the sense that you will enjoy them for years!

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