No more bouncing eggs!

There’s nothing tastier than a soft-boiled egg for breakfast!

You put on a pan of water in good spirits. You grab your eggs and put each one in the pan. And yes, there another one bursts open! (and think: who will get that egg ;))

Meanwhile, your pan slowly fills with egg white….

Then the alarm clock rings, for the eggs to get out. Rinse under cold water. Carefully one at a time, or pour off the pan but then the eggs bump against the lid and the eggshells can break again.. that does look a little less cozy on the table.

Do you recognize this too? Then here is the solution!

From now on, boil your eggs in Sillies silicone egg holder. First, put on a pan of boiling water and put your eggs in the egg holder (it can hold 4). Put the egg holder with eggs in the pan and cook. After cooking, you can easily remove the egg holder with one hand and rinse the eggs under cold water.

Sillies tip: should you normally keep your eggs in the refrigerator, take them out the night before cooking. Store them in the egg holder and they will be at room temperature and ready to use the next morning.

Sillies tip: use eggs at room temperature in Medium size. Would you like a soft-boiled egg? Then set your alarm clock for 7 minutes. You must be thinking right now, “7(!) minutes?!” Yes really! 7 minutes. That’s because the egg holder is a kind of “jacket” and thus requires a little longer cooking time. We tested it with quite a few eggs – in S / M / L sizes and from the refrigerator or at room temperature – and this is the result! If you want something harder you can add a minute. If you want very hard-boiled eggs it doesn’t matter, from the refrigerator or at room temperature, with 10 minutes you will definitely have a hard-boiled egg.

And if you use a different size of eggs: small eggs need a minute shorter cooking time and large eggs need 1-2 minutes longer cooking time.

Enjoy your boiled eggs!

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